are we able to stay with out technology?

No, we can’t stay with out technology. generation is some thing that in state-of-the-art time is necessary for best of life. No music, no internet, no video video games, no television, no fun, no social existence, there is surely no lifestyles with out era. on this fast paced global technology is wanted for even the most effective things, be it an alarm clock or a coffee maker. it is developing at a lightening velocity and making it hard for humans to hold up with it.With laptops, private computer systems, mobile phones, hand held equipment human beings have greater than wished assets but are unable to use those accurately. each one of us makes use of technology in some methods or the alternative to make existence easier that’s the motive it has come a long manner, with extremely good tendencies in every area, be it the internet or mobile phones.all of us use generation in some ways or the alternative. The actual query is that are we using the latest improvement and improvements in technology to the fine? The entire world depends on era as it sold terrific matters consisting of vehicles, drugs, microwaves, and many others. and each day there is the new improvement. phones and laptops or much more likely iPads are used to carry out habitual responsibilities. If those are taken away, then human beings feel that their lifestyles is seized. one can say generation has its side effects and has made us lazy, impatient and based. it’s miles the sole purpose that the complete world is functioning commonly.If we see the fine side then because of generation, we will carry out complicated surgeries, we have apps in our cell telephone that enable us to song our health, price range, and so on. era has made it viable for a person with a disability to stroll or run in a marathon; it is the purpose that has helped an character with a disability to speak with the rest of the arena. it is because of technology that we are able to speak to our pals and relatives in foreign places.organizations use each the net and mobile apps to attain to a much wider target audience to increase their array of services and without technology, it is not feasible. generation is neither accurate nor bad, at this point it isn’t feasible to live without era, however sure, we are able to locate ways to apply it wisely and now not totally depend upon it. eventually, in the long run, we have come to the realization that we aren’t completely dependent on era, yet we rely on it for maximum of the things in our every day existence.